Bobby Gage's Church podcast directions.

To get an XML file and query the mp3 files as an RSS feed hear are some examples..


If you want just a specific name add a question mark with the "artist" variable.   Use a plus sign for spaces.


If you would like to have specific mp3s from folders try the following.   This will only give Robinson meetings.


You can also limit the number of responses.  Use "number" variable


You can mix and match your harts content!


5 responses for Joe Arner.   Note:  use & between variables



Now let's look at HTML documents.   Maybe you don't want to work with XML files and RSS feeds. The following also include an embedded player.


You can use the variables noted above on top of this.


You can specify the width also.


How would you like to display a player on the screen to play just one title.   Use the title variable and embedded as a return type.




NOW this is where it get's fun!!!!     Let's say you would like to embed the podcasts or even a single mp3 into your website.    Here is the code you will use!

This code will embed a single title into your webpage!

<iframe frameborder="0" width="330" height="60" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" name="My Sermon" marginheight="0"src="" ></iframe>


You will get this... 


This code will embed an entire feed into your website.  Note: change the link noted after src= to what you need.  Your name no more then a number count or whatever variables you need as noted above.  BUT you must have return=html there so it will work correctly.


<iframe frameborder="1" width="700" hight="1000" name="My Sermon"

You will get this...      NOTE: If someone has some better code to make this work let me know.  Thanks!